Pageant Rules

Formal Wear
Contestants may wear a Sunday Dress or a Formal Pageant Dress.
No full national Glitz Dresses for Natural Pageants.

We recommend:
Ages 0 - 4 short dress
Ages 5 - up long dress

Casual Wear/Other Outfit Competitions
Outfits can be custom made or off the rack. No glitz stones. Also NO mid-drifts showing and NO swim suits. Music is provided unless otherwise stated. No pro-am modeling.
1/2 a point from the score will be taken off for showing your


Our judges will be judging on personality, stage presence, self-confidence,
first impression, and overall appearance for Formal Wear. We do not judge on facial beauty. We believe every contestant is beautiful and we want to see the girls just have fun. Even though we tell our judges what our pageant system judges on, judges all have opinions and you are being judged on their opinion your score will be a combination of their opinions. There will be out-of-town judges. Judges’ score sheets will be given to contestants following crowning. Optional categories will in no way affect scoring of the Formal Wear
portion of the competition.

Hair / Make-up

Ages 0-4 no make-up
Ages 5-12 light make-up is acceptable (ex: mascara, lipgloss, powder)
Ages 13-21 may wear full make-up or light make-up

For all ages, we ask that contestants do not have fake eye lashes, hair pieces (fake hair), spray tans or flippers.
1/2 a point from the score will be taken off if a
judge sees make-up on ladies 4 and under and if she is wearing
hair pieces or has a spray tan.

Payment Policies

Full payment must be sent by the pageant deadline date. If a contestant does not pay in full by this date, she will be removed from her group line-up.

Fees off of Nationals

The highest fees off won during a preliminary, state or photo
contest will be counted towards finals.
Ex: If you were a runner-up and a queen from two different pageants,
you will receive the queen’s fees off.

Coupons and other Fees off (may vary depending on the pageant)

Contestants can use one discount per pageant. Sibling and referral discount does not apply. You may use these with one other discount.

Refer-a-friend Discount
Refer-a-friend to the same pageant and receive $25 off for each referral.

Birthday Discount
Enter a pageant during the contestants birthday month and receive $15 off.

Sibling Discount
Receive $20 off for second sibling entered in the same pageant.

New Contestant Discount
Receive $15 off your first pageant with Southern Grace Pageants.

Deposit for Entry Fees

Contestants may turn in a $25 deposit for preliminary and state pageants and a $50 deposit for national pageants to secure her spot in her age division line-up. This deposit is non-refundable. If you choose to not compete in a pageant that is already paid for then you forfeit the deposit and the remainder can be transferred to a future pageant. If you choose to pay the deposit, the remaining balance for the entry fee will not be due until the pageant deadline.

Pageants    Rules    Director    How to Enter

Anna Loren M. & Ashlynn B.
State Grand Supremes 2013

Age Divisions

Contestants can move up in an age division but are encouraged to participate with their age group. In the event that an age group needs to be divided or combined with another, it will be done at the director’s discretion. If an age division has been split once it will not be split again.
Ex: Ages 3-4 was split to 3 yrs and 4 yrs. If the
3 yrs group hits 10 contestants again it will stay one group.

Contestant Line-up

Line-up in each age division will be determined by the date your entry form and deposit or payment is received. First entry form received will be last contestant in line-up or your choice.

Suggestions for Natural Portfolios

•             A portfolio should contain a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 photos

•             Use a variety of photos with different backgrounds

•             Include a variety of outfits, hairstyles, poses, facial expressions and body stances in photos

•             Include headshots and full length photos

•             Include close-ups and distance photos

•             8 x 10 photos show best

•             No scrapbooks. Photos should be presented in a professional-looking portfolio or photo binder

•             Use recent photos

•             Include black and white photos as an option

•             Name, bio, and other text often distract from portfolios

•             Scrapbook borders, clip art, and other graphics can distract from photos

•             Props are a plus!

•             Don’t combine glitz and natural pageant photos.. (Use natural photos for natural pageants.)

•             Turn all pages in same direction (horizontal or vertical)

•             The last photo should be as attractive as the first

Baby Doll Style with Stones

Long Pageant Dress

Flower Girl/Sunday Dress

Full Glitz Cupcake