Information for Ages 5-24 Years Old


Who may compete at Nationals?

2020 State Queens and State Appointed Title Holders

For complete information on obtaining a state title, click here:

Princess: 5-6 years

Sweetheart: 7-9 years

Preteen: 10-12 years

Junior Teen: 13-15 years

Teen: 16-18 years

Miss: 19-24 years


INTERVIEW - 1/3 of Final Score

Each contestant will sit in a panel-style interview in front of all judges for 3 minutes. When contestants walk into the interview room, they will give a quick introduction. They will state their name, age and where they are from only. Interview questions will come from the contestant’s bio. Judges will not ask current event or political questions. Judges want to get to know the young lady and see their personality.

Contestants are required to wear an interview dress, suit or jumpsuit. Choose something that reflects your personality.

FORMAL WEAR: 1/3 of Final Score

Contestants must wear a floor length pageant dress that is age appropriate. Any color is acceptable. No mid-drift, two piece dresses. Judges will judge on overall first impression, appearance, stage presence and personality.

INTRODUCTION: 1/3 of Formal Wear Score

Contestants will have a short introduction onstage during their formal walks. They will enter the stage and present the intro at the first X which is located in the back. A national queen will hand them the microphone. 

Introductions must include the following: Name, age and state/region they are competing from. 

Ex: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Marah Collens from Middle Georgia and I am 18 yrs old. Thank you. (You can make this your own.) 

Introductions must stay under 15 seconds.

FUN FASHION: 1/3 of Final Score

For this category contestants will wear fun fashion style outfits. Cocktail dresses, high-low, etc. Judges will judge on overall first impression, appearance, stage presence and personality.


The mandatory events will be tallied together to determine the National Queen Titles. National Queens will be invited back the next year to crown the new queens and will be invited to queen outings. Division Queens will not be eligible to compete at Southern Grace Pageants during their reigning year. They will be asked to sign a contract, but there will not be a no compete clause.


This category may replace the Fun Fashion score.

One winner per age division. We will also award a 1st and 2nd runner-up per age division. For this category clothing needs to be off the rack casual. Wear something that fits your personality. 

No custom music and no pro-am modeling. 

Contestants will be allowed 90 seconds onstage in this event.

~TALENT - Deadline to enter is October 26~

One winner per age division will be crowned America’s Talented Miss, Jr Miss, etc. We will also award a 1st and 2nd runner-up per age division. (We must have two or more participants to hold the talent portion in a division.) 

Talent can be but is not limited to dance, acting, singing, instrument, etc. Note: There will not be a piano. You may provide your own keyboard. There will be a corded, handheld microphone or cordless. We do not have lavalieres. There is one microphone stand.  If you need a stool, you must provide your own. Talent needs to be two minutes or less.
*All music must be submitted by the pageant deadline date. 

Email music to as an mp3 and as an attachment.

~PHOTOGENIC - Photos are due October 26~

Photogenic photos need to be emailed to Melinda Bell as a jpeg and as an attachment

One winner per age division will be crowned America’s Glamorous Miss, Jr. Miss, Etc. We will also award a 1st and 2nd runner-up per age division. (We must have two or more participants to hold the photogenic portion in a division.) 

Photos may be naturally retouched but must still look like the contestant. No glitz photos. 

They will be scored by a different set of judges than pageant day judges.
Either color or black & white photos are acceptable. 

Please include contestant’s name and age division in your email. 

Judges will be looking for clarity, quality, and personality.


The highest scoring photogenic photo will be named the Ultimate Billboard Supreme. The winner will have their winning photo displayed as a billboard poster at Nationals. There will be one winner from ages 5-12 and one winner from ages 13-24.


One winner per age division will receive a portfolio award. Portfolios are collections of professional photographs. Your portfolio should have three or more pictures, which must be placed in a portfolio book. These are not scored. The portfolio winners are chosen by a panel of judges. Bring the portfolio to registration.

~LEADERSHIP AWARD - Due November 1~

This title will be awarded to two ladies. One winner from ages 5-12 and one from ages 13-24. The leadership award will be judged by teachers.  They will be looking for the young ladies who show elegance and grace not only onstage but also off stage and in her community. The young lady should have a passing GPA, volunteer within her community and understand what pageantry stands for.

To enter you will need to mail or email your current GPA, a list of volunteer events from the past year and a short essay explaining what pageantry means to you.


Contestants participating in the National Ambassador Queen Award will help raise funds for one of our pageant sisters who was diagnosed an inoperable brain tumor. 100% of the money raised will go to Madeline Monroe and her family during this difficult time. There will be two National Ambassador Queens awarded to the contestants who obtain the most votes from their fans. There will be one queen from ages 5-12 and one queen from ages 13-24.

Full information can be found in the national handbook upon entry.


We will be crowning two National Loyalty Queens to the contestants that sells the most ad pages for our full color national program book. The National Loyalty Queen will act as a national title holder. 

There will be two winners;
One from ages 5–12 and one winner from ages 13-24.

Full information can be found in the national handbook upon entry.


Each contestant will be required to purchase one full page good luck ad for the national program book. Contestants will receive complete information upon registration. We will crown two National Loyalty Queens. Full information is in the National handbook. 


After you have won a state title or applied for a state appointed title, contestants must do the following to enter Nationals:
1. Fill out contestant information page
2. Fill out interview/judges sheet
3. Send in deposit

These items can be found on our National Entry Fee page of the website. Once we have received all three items, you will receive your national handbook.


The stage is a professional theatre wood stage. The Xs will be a Front T with contestants ending in the front middle X. They will not finish in the back. The emcee will have them exit from the front.  Introductions will take place at the first back X.


Schedule is subject to change. A final schedule will be emailed to contestants before the pageant.

Friday, November 6, 2019 (Optional)
Early registration located at host hotel. Times: TBA

Saturday, November 7, 2019 (Final schedule will be emailed prior to the pageant.)

Ages 5-6 & 7-9 Contestant Registration – 9:00-9:45 a.m.
Talent Music Check- 9:45
Mandatory Fun Fashion – 10:00
Optional Casual Wear – 10:30
Optional Talent – 11:00

5-9 yrs Optional Awards Ceremony - 11:20

Ages 10-12 Contestant Registration - 12:00-12:45

Talent Music Check - 12:45

Mandatory Fun Fashion – 1:00
Optional Casual Wear – 1:30
Optional Talent – 2:00

5-9 yrs Optional Awards Ceremony - 2:20

Ages 13-24 Contestant Registration - 3:00-3:45

Talent Music Check - 3:45

Mandatory Fun Fashion – 4:00
Optional Casual Wear – 4:30
Optional Talent – 5:00

5-9 yrs Optional Awards Ceremony - 5:20

Contestant Party – 6:30-8:00

Sunday, November 8, 2020 (Final schedule will be emailed prior to the pageant.)

Venue Opens – 9:00 a.m.
5-6 Interview – 10:00

7-9 Interview - 10:30

5-9 Formal Wear - 11:00

Awards to Follow

10-12 Interview - 12:00

10-12 Formal Wear - 12:40

Awards to Follow

13-15 Interview - 1:45

16-18 Interview - 2:00

19-24 Interview - 2:20

Formal Wear Begins - 3:00

Awards to Follow

4:00 Newly Crowned National Queens Photos (All ages)


Portfolios and score sheets may be picked up at the registration table at end of awards.

Any items left cannot be mailed.


Carrie Abernathy will be taking multiple photos of all contestants during the pageant.
Photos will be available for purchase.