Southern Grace Valentine's & Miss North Georgia State

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Open to Ages 0+

There is a Ms. Division!

One price, no extras at the door! 

Gainesville Civic Center

830 Green Street

Gainesville, Georgia 30501

Deadline to enter: DATE

Age divisions are determined by the contestant’s age day of pageant.

Supreme Group 1: 

Baby Miss: 0-11 mos, Wee Miss: 12-23 mos

Supreme Group 2

Tiny Miss: 2 yrs, Princess: 3-4 yrs

Supreme Group 3:

Petite Miss: 5-6 yrs, Sweetheart: 7-8 yrs

Supreme Group 4:

Young Miss: 9-10 yrs, Jr. Miss: 11-12 yrs

Supreme Group 5:

Teen Miss: 13-15 years, Miss: 16-18 years

Ms. Valentine: 19+ single, married, with children, etc.

With enough interest we will split this division based on age.

We will take 8 contestants per age division. Once a division is full, we will place contestants on a waiting list. If a group fills early, the director may split a division.


Every contestant will be awarded on stage with a nice tiara and gift.

Southern Grace Valentine's Grand Supremes and Mini Supremes (0-18 years) 

• Custom Beautiful Crown

• Custom Valentine Pageant Sash

• Valentine's Gifts

Ms. Valentine’s age division will have a Division Supreme and Division Queen (19+ yrs.)

• Custom Beautiful Crown

• Custom Valentine Pageant Sash

• Valentine Gifts

Southern Grace Valentine’s Division Queens 

• Custom Beautiful Crown

• Custom Valentine Pageant Sash

• Valentine Gifts

Division 1st and 2nd Alternates, Division Princess & Directors Awards 

• Custom Beautiful crown and gift

People’s Choice Queens (0-18 yrs)

• Beautiful Large Crown and Nice Toy/Gift

Age Division Photogenic Winners

• Custom photogenic plaque
• $25 photo shoot credit to Carrie Abernathy Photography

Age Division Valentine’s OOC Winners, Division Side Awards: Best Eyes, Best Hair, Best Smile

• Valentine Pageant Medallion

Overall Most Beautiful and  Overall Best Personality per Supreme Breakdown

• Large Valentine Crown


Southern Grace Pageants is a natural pageant system. 

Presentation, stage presence and personality are important factors. 

The contestants should look age appropriate.

Contestant Line-up:

Line-up in each age division will be determined by the date your entry form and deposit or payments are received. First entry form with deposit received will be last contestant in line-up or your choice.


Permanent hair extensions are allowed, as we can not ask a contestant to take those out. We do NOT allow clip on hair extensions or hair pieces for any age. A contestant will not be disqualified, however 1/10 of a point will be deducted from each judge on the appearance score from all stage events.


Make-up is not allowed for ages 0-4. A contestant will not be disqualified, however 1/10 of a point will be deducted from each judge on the appearance score from all stage events. We will be checking backstage before each event. Ages 5-12 may wear natural pageant make-up: light blush, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc. 

What’s NOT allowed: 

Fake eye lashes, tanning and flippers are NOT allowed ANY age. A contestant will not be disqualified, however 1/10 of a point will be deducted from each judge on the appearance score from all stage events. We will be checking backstage before each event.

Formal Wear:

All walks need to be under 75 seconds. Babydoll style dresses should be worn for ages 0-4 with white pageant shoes and white socks. Ages 5-12 need long pageant dresses, no two piece. Stones are allowed. Glitz cupcake dresses are not allowed. Formal walks need to be natural. No pro-am modeling is allowed; however, some poses and “cute faces” are okay for ages 0-4 only.

Formal Wear is worth 1/2 of final score when determining Grand Supreme and Mini Supreme Titles. Formal Wear is worth 100% of final score when determining Division ti

Judges will judge on overall first impression, appearance, stage presence and personality.

Valentine's Outfit of Choice:

All walks need to be under 75 seconds. Outfits may be custom made or off the rack but must include one piece of clothing that represents the theme. Wear something that fits their personality. No swimsuits, no stomachs showing. Music is provided by SGP staff. Contestants may do “cute faces” for years 0-4 only. Natural modeling is allowed. No pro-am modeling. Stage props are not allowed. You can have a hand held prop.

Valentine's Wear is worth 1/2 of final score when determining Grand Supreme and Mini Supreme Titles. 

Judges will judge on overall first impression, appearance, stage presence and personality

Photogenic – Photos are due DATE:

There will be one winner per age division for photogenic awards. Photogenic photos need to be emailed to Melinda Bell as a jpeg and as an attachment only. High resolution photos only sent from a computer. Do not forward from your phone or use snapshots. Email to:

Photos may be naturally retouched but must still look like the contestant. No glitz photos. Photos will be scored by a different set of judges than pageant day judges. Either color or black & white photos are acceptable. Please include contestant’s name and age division in your email. Judges will be looking for clarity, quality, and personality. Photos will only count for photogenic division awards.

Overall Best Personality and Overall Most Beautiful:

There will be an Overall Personality and an Overall Most Beautiful  per supreme breakdown. These are judged during group line-ups in Formal Wear. Everyone is eligible for both awards.

People’s Choice Queens:

There will be one People’s Choice Queen per supreme breakdown awarded to the contestant who obtains the most votes from her fans. Each vote is $1. Bring all votes to check-in the day of the pageant.


We do not judge on facial beauty. We believe every contestant is beautiful, and we want to see the girls just have fun. Even though we tell our judges what our pageant system judges on, judges all have opinions, and you are being judged on their opinion. Your score will be a combination of their opinions. There will be out-of-town judges. Judges’ score sheets will be given to contestants following awards. 

If you see a judge outside of the ballroom, just say hi. Any lengthy conversation is unfair to the other contestants and not allowed.

Dressing Rooms/Backstage:

Contestants will be allowed ONLY one chaperone in the dressing area and backstage. Siblings and friends will need to wait in the lobby or auditorium.


No cameras, cell phones, or other devices used as cameras allowed in the ballroom. Video is allowed of your daughter only.

Southern Grace Staff is not responsible for any items left or stolen at the pageant venue. Please leave valuables at home. Most importantly, every contestant is a winner. We expect everyone to respect each other and refrain from any negative remarks. Any concerns or questions need to be addressed to the pageant staff only.


Stage Set-up:

The pageant is a ballroom with a riser stage. Someone will be backstage to assist contestants onstage. The Xs are set up in a front T shape. They will come on from the left if looking at the stage and exit right.  They will finish in the middle X up front. They will not finish at the back of the stage.

• Contestants will have 75 seconds per stage event. Once they hit 75 seconds, they will be called off stage. It is a good idea to practice before the pageant, so that the young contestants understand when they are being called onto the stage and off stage.

• Judges understand that the contestants are young and the girls will not be counted off for exiting on the wrong side, but we do encourage parents who are on stage with their child, to walk off the correct side.


A complete final schedule with times will be emailed to contestants closer to the pageant date.

Order of Competition: Judge Portfolios, Formal Wear, Valentine’s OOC, Awards. 

Wear OOC for awards. 

We will crown by supreme breakdown. Contestants will not wait for older groups to finish before they receive their awards.

Valentine’s Schedule 2019


* 0-23 months
9:00-9:30 – Check-in
9:45 – Formal Wear
10:15 – Valentine’s OOC
10:45 – Awards

* 2-4 years
10:00-10:45 – Check-in
11:00 – Formal Wear
11:40 – Valentine’s OOC
12:00 – Awards

*** 12:30-1:00 Lunch Break ***

5-8 years
12:30-1:00 – Check-in
1:15 – Formal Wear
1:50 – Valentine’s OOC
2:30 – Awards

* 9 and up
(both breakdowns + Ms.)
2:00-2:45 – Check-in
3:00 – Formal Wear
3:45 – Valentine’s OOC
4:30 – Awards


Deadline for final payments: DATE

Valentine Pageant Entry……………………….. Fee: $100

Your entry fee includes:

Entry into Formal Wear, Valentine’s Wear, 1 Photogenic, side optionals, overalls and eligibility for Supreme Titles.


A contestant may hold her spot in the pageant with a $50 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and non- transferable for this pageant. Deposits are not an extra cost. They come from the entry fee.

Discounts Received

Only one discount may be used besides the referral discounts. 

Sibling Discount: Second sibling receives $30 off

Mother/Daughter Discount: If a contestant is registered and her mother enters, she will receive $30 off.

Referral Discount: $25 off each referral entered

Optional Areas of Competitions Entering

Extra Photogenic: $5 (Due at photogenic deadline.)

Admissions: $10, contestants and children 3 & under free

Please email to see if a spot is open before you enter.


Registration is not open yet for Southern Grace Valentine's 2020. Please check back later!